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Case 12


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Three young monks—one from the Spider Clan, one from Laughing Monkey, and one from Elephant's Footprint—had been arguing about which was the more important: webtier code, business tier, or persistence. Finally they agreed to pose the question to the Java master.

The master called in one of the burly gardeners who maintained the temple grounds, and instructed him thus: “Beat and kick these three monks soundly for one minute. Afterward, you may continue to beat and kick them for as long as you desire.”

The gardener thrashed the monks for a full seven minutes, then bowed and left.

“Now,” said the master. “Who bears the greatest blame for your bruises today? Myself, for summoning the gardener; the gardener, for the six minutes left to his discretion; or the gardener’s hands and feet? Consider your answer, or I shall call him in again.”

At length, the monk of the Spider Clan said, “The carpenter who raised the first beam of this temple bears a greater blame.”

The master was satisfied.

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