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Case 179

Walking the Path

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Master Bawan was assisting the Elephant's Footprint Clan in creating a database service for the temple’s audit logs.

“We shall need at least three weeks to determine which NoSQL database engine would be best for this task,” said Bawan to the abbot of that clan.

“No need,” said the abbot. “The Temple of the Burning Pool has recently chosen a NoSQL engine for their own purposes. Follow the path they have taken. We shall save much time.”

The master flung his bowl hard at the abbot’s head. The abbot ducked, and the bowl sailed harmlessly out the tower window.

“See what your infamous temper has cost you, little master!” laughed the abbot. “Now you have lost your bowl, and it is nearly time to line up for supper!”

In one swift motion, Bawan flung the abbot out the window. Then he turned to the pair of astonished novices still in the room.

“The abbot is following the path my bowl has taken,” explained the master. “Come; perhaps he will save us a place in line.”