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A certain senior monk found himself in need of more developers to meet his project’s deadline. He asked the clan abbot for help.

Said the abbot: Let us go to Tongshing the Project Manager; for he is wise in the ways of Customer Relationships, and can advise us on how best to approach our client.

After hearing their desires, the Project Manager unfolded a morning newspaper. He turned to the page on which the day’s astrological forecasts were printed, scrutinized it, frowned and said: today is not a propitious day. Consult me again tomorrow.

The next day, and the day after, and the day after that, the monk and the abbot returned to the Project Manager for counsel. Each time, the Project Manager unfolded his paper, shook his head, and told the pair to return tomorrow.

But on the fifth day, Tongshing said: if you each don robes of crimson, today will be a most propitious day to ask your client for more money.

The monk and the abbot did as they were told, and returned to the Temple with a pouch full of silver coins. Later, the monk went to the Project Manager and said: I cannot argue with success, but your methods are most unorthodox. In an Enlightened Age such as ours, how did you come to believe in astrology?

I do not, said the Project Manager. But your client does, and he subscribes to this same newspaper.