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Fall 72

Too Eager

(Sorry, diese Seite noch nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt worden.)

One winter’s day, a monk of the Laughing Monkey Clan accompanied Java master Banzen to the marketplace to help carry what would be purchased there.

On the road the monk asked, “What may be said of eager initialization?”

The master replied, “Three days’ packing for a journey of two miles.”

“And what of lazy initialization?”

“Rush outside with only your coin-purse; all will be purchased as needed.”

The monk considered this. “The coin of the system is Time,” he observed. “If the cost is negligible, nothing can be said against lazy initialization.”

Banzen whirled around, yanking the robe completely off the surprised monk’s body. The master then looped his coin-purse around the naked monk’s neck.

Prodding his shivering companion forward into the crowds of the marketplace, Banzen remarked: “I see that Kaifung Wei, the tailor, has closed his shop for the season.”