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After master Banzen had delivered a presentation on design practices, a monk lingered at the great doorway instead of going outside with his fellows. The monk then asked Banzen: “Which provides superior guidance: the Pattern, or the Anti-Pattern?”

Banzen glanced left and right, as though ascertaining whether anyone else was in earshot. He then raised his index finger and crooked it twice. The young monk recognized this gesture and approached the master’s podium.

Banzen’s eyes again darted around, and again he raised his index finger and crooked it twice. The monk nodded and climbed the steps of the podium to stand directly before the master.

Banzen tilted his head forward and again crooked his finger twice. The monk leaned in close to listen.

The master smacked the monk hard in the ear, sending him reeling down the steps in pain. Banzen gathered his papers, descended the podium, and calmly walked past the crumpled form of the monk. When the master reached the great doorway he turned back and shouted, “Monk!”

The monk looked up. Banzen crooked his finger twice.

This time, the monk did not move closer.

Banzen nodded with satisfaction and went out. In that instant the monk was enlightened.