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Case 97


In the monk Landhwa’s current Java project, domain objects in the business tier were fairly similar to their corresponding form-input objects in the web tier. Since the property names were often the same as well, the monk had seized upon reflection as an easy way of copying most of the data from one tier to the other. Master Kaimu heard and chose to investigate.

After studying the monk’s code, Kaimu withdrew a brass flask from his robes, took a long sip, then lifted a tea-candle to his lips and blew hard. A streak of blue flame shot from his mouth right past the monk’s shoulder.

“What are you doing?” cried Landhwa, patting out the flames on his robe.

“Lighting the seven candles on the far wall,” said Kaimu.

Both men looked across the room at the scorched paper screens. Kaimu frowned, picked up his tea-candle and wearily started across the room.

“Missed one,” he explained.